When to Know If I Should Paint Over My Wallpaper or Just Remove It?

When to Know If I Should Paint Over My Wallpaper or Just Remove It?

by | Dec 25, 2023

Wallpapers provide homeowners with personalized designs that are unique to their home and they do a tremendous job covering up blemishes on your wall. Wallpaper is dependent on the quality of the product and the proficiency of the installation. You’ll often find wallpaper in homes from the ’70s-’80s; however, even high-quality wallpapers have a typical shelf life of 10 years or less. This begs the question: if your wallpaper is cracking or peeling, should you remove it or paint over it? Here are a few things to keep in mind if you need help finding a solution.

When to Remove the Wallpaper Altogether

In most cases, homeowners are quick to remove their wallpaper amongst the first signs of wear & tear, and it is commonly the best thing you can do to improve the look of your home’s interior. When wallpaper is applied to your walls, they are layered. If you decided to paint over your wallpaper, the creases from the wallpaper might stand out, which may be unpleasant to look at. Also, many wallpapers are designed with different patterns, so if you decide to paint over your wallpaper, you may notice leakage of the unique patterns & textures through the new coat of paint. Additionally, new paint may create difficulties with your wallpaper’s adhesive bond, which may result in your wallpaper bubbling up or peeling.

When to Paint Over Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is a lot easier said than done, on top of the laborious process of removing wallpaper inch by inch, it may cause structural damage to your drywall. Therefore, if you are faced with time constrictions, it may be in your best interest to paint over your wallpaper. Proceeding with this option requires meticulous planning; you need to ensure you are well prepared in order to achieve optimal results. If portions of your wallpaper have folded over time, you will need more adhesive to ensure they are flat while you paint. If you have sections of wallpaper that are missing, you will need to add more wallpaper to your wall to ensure the painting surface is even. It’s highly suggested that caulk around the intersecting edges between the ceiling, wall & floor, which reduces the risk of peeling.

What You Need to Consider

Painting over your wallpaper should only be considered if you’re in a time crunch and need a room painted immediately. Otherwise, you may regret painting over your wallpaper if the wallpaper’s design begins to seep through the paint. It’s also critical to keep in mind the effects that painting over your wallpaper could have on your home’s resale value; it could severely decrease the number of potential suitors for your home or cut off a considerable amount of money from contending offers.

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